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Basket and Strainers
Basket and Strainers

Filter Solutions offers a full line of baskets and strainers, as well as fully customized products to suite new or existing systems. Wedge wire offers a wide range of particle retention sizes with long service life potential.

Wedge wire screen with V profile is engineered in various forms of filtering elements or cartridges in flow control. The mostly found shapes in uses are stainless steel wedge wire panels, cylinders, baskets, tubes and curved sieve bend in arc forms. Mainly serve mine, coal development, water treatment and well screening industries. 

Wedge wire filter strainer baskets are commonly used in existing strainer or filter cartridges for various flow controls.

Features and Benefits of V Profile Wedge Wire Compared with Perforated Filter Basket and Woven Mesh Baskets Elements:

The welded wedge wire screen baskets provide more sufficient opening than the perforated metal baskets. It is stronger and can bear heavy loading pressure than the woven mesh filter baskets. The wedge wire basket can work with both benefits of the perforated and woven mesh filter elements and avoid the shortcomings. It is stronger, has more aperture and pressure differential levels can be achieved by variety of the slotting. Also it is economic.

Material : SS AISI 201, 202, 304, 304L, 316, 316L

Slot : From 0.10 mm – 10mm.

Wire : 2.0, 2.20, 2.30, 2.50, 3.0, 3.20, 3.50, 4.0, 4.50, 5.0mm

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