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GUJARAT WEDGE WIRE SCREENS LIMITED has developed Rotary screens complete with side flanges and support/ drive drums of Stainless Steel/ Mild Steel mainly for Sugar and other Chemical plants to achieve very efficient filtration. Our rotary screens have very .high strength coupled with very high open area and rigid construction.

Rotary Wedge Wire Screens remove solids and other debris from wastewater flows to protect downstream equipment such as pumps and irrigation nozzles. The screens are suitable for all types of wastewater. The solid screenings are discharged by gravity. Screens are operating at Chemicals plant, Papers & Pulps, dairy farms and at food processors. They are designed to reduce blockages, maintenance and power consumption.

Rotary Wedge Wire Screen operation: The wastewater enters a weir and is evenly distributed onto the sidewalls of the drum. The solids are retained on the screen surface and the liquid flows through the screen openings. The solids are transported by flights to the open end of the drum. The rotation of the drum allows the entire screening surface to be continuously washed by the wastewater. Cleaning is also done by intermittent use of external spray nozzles.

Rotary Wedge Wire Screens feature: - In-feed flow distribution weir - Screen element of 304 stainless steel construction with screen size to suit flow and chosen screen aperture.

Rotary Wedge Wire Screen options:

Materials of construction – SS AISI 430, 201, 202,304, 304L, 316, 316L,

Aperture range - 0.05-10mm.

Sizes: Ø100mm – Ø2500mm & Length up to 6.5 Mtr.

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