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Centrifuge Baskets for long-lasting wear life and dewatering performance Increase the efficiency of your centrifuge machines with highly durable, customised wedge wire Centrifuge Baskets. You’ll minimise maintenance and shut-downs.


Long-wearing baskets to suit any centrifuge machine

For maximum productivity in your operation, you need long-wearing baskets that suit your centrifuge machines, and baskets that increase efficiency and minimise maintenance and shutdowns.

Who better to supply your centrifuge baskets than the OEM of centrifuge machines? We’re in a unique position to deliver exactly what you want. We test, develop and produce the most robust, high-quality, long-wearing and competitively priced Centrifuge Baskets in the industry.

These fully welded Centrifuge Baskets are manufactured for the:

  • coal industry
  • salt industry
  • chemical industry
  • fertiliser industry.

Choose from a wide range of baskets from the industry leader to suit all types of centrifuging. Baskets can also be customised to suit any centrifuge machine, with a range of wedge wire profile sizes, apertures and accessories available.

Wedge wire is the secret to the efficiency of the Centrifuge Baskets. The unique wedge-shaped wires provide maximum cross-sectional area of wire with high open area to allow fluid to pass through the apertures and material to flow over the screen. This reduces pegging, resulting in increased production and longer wear-life.


Cost-effective, long wear-life centrifuge baskets

Manufactured with high-quality stainless-steel wedge wire and carbon steel flanges and frames, our performance-enhanced designs mean you get:

Long wear-life : The Centrifuge Baskets have lower maintenance costs thanks to their strength and durability, so you won’t need to replace them as regularly, making your production more effective and cost-efficient. They are dynamically balanced for smooth operation and to minimise wear and tear on your centrifuge machines.

Efficient screening : The high open area and precise slot openings mean maximum dewatering with little pegging, saving you time and money. With a high resistance to abrasion and corrosion, there is less maintenance and downtime.

Custom-made : Need to have your baskets customed? No problem. Our experts can look at your centrifuge machines and customise baskets accordingly. Standard wedge wire Centrifuge Baskets are available instantly to keep your machines operating 24/7.


Efficient dewatering with customised Centrifuge Baskets

Sick of shutting down production to replace Centrifuge Baskets? Switch to our wedge wire baskets for long-lasting performance.

Product features

  • Fully welded
  • Diameters ranging from 600 mm to 1750 mm
  • Angles ranging from 10 degrees to 22 degrees
  • Built to any slot size – from 0.25 mm to 1.0 mm
  • A variety of profile wires with varying head widths and relief angles for the best dewatering performance to service-life ratio
  • Extra sharp corners on the profile wire heads to enhance dewatering performance
  • Instant dewatering capability on new fine material baskets, that is, no initial ‘wear-in period’ with reduced dewatering performance
  • Accelerator bars in coarse material applications to accelerate the slurry up to the same speed as the basket
  • Turbo bars in coarse material applications to extract additional moisture from the slurry using an air suction effect
  • Available in clockwise and anti-clockwise configurations
  • Discharge lips at the discharge end of the basket for reducing wear
  • Special surface coatings to enhance basket life
  • Easy installation and operation on existing machines, keeping workers safe
  • Custom lifting clamps available to improve lifting safety
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