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V Wire Screen Pipe

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V Wire Screen Pipe
V Wire Screen Pipe
V Wire Screen Pipe

What is V - Wire Screen?

V - Wire Screens are fabricated in Pipe Form from Wires. All Welded Wedge Wires Screen is made from two elements - Outside V-shape wire and Inside Longitudinal Rods.

The V-shaped Wire is spirally wrapped on a Cage made of Longitudinal Rods. The intersecting of shaped wire and rod is welded through each other by resistance welding. Due to resistance welding the weld joined is very strong.

"V-Wire Screen Filter" is a Highly Acceptable Modern Technology in Rain Water Harvesting. It eliminates conventional filtration system, SAVES -Precious Space, Construction Cost and Construction Time for Filtration Tank. Scientific Design helps Cleaning Very Easy and SAVES Maintenance Cost.

Features and Benefits of "V Wire Screen

  • Anti Cohesive Material :Made from Stainless Steel and Suitable for acid treatment to remove incrustation, chocking of gravels which ENSURES LONG LIFE of bore well
  • V Shaped Slot: Produces jetting effect to inject recharge water into the aquifer.
  • Continous Slots Gives Large % Open Area
  • Easy Installation: Save Money, Time and Energy Customized for very small or large roof top area.

Technical Details :

  • Slot size 0.15 mm to 10 mm
  • Length 0.2 mtr - 6 mtr.
  • Material - SS 304/316/316 L or LCG or as per Customer Requirement
  • End fittings - as per customer requirement.
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