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Curved Sieve Bend
Curved Sieve Bend
Curved Sieve Bend

In addition to flat panels, wedge wires can be readily made up into full cylinders and segments of cylinders. In most cases, the cross rods lie along the circumference and the profile wires lie parallel to the axis. Occasionally, this arrangement is reversed.

Gujarat Wedge Wire Screens Ltd. Manufacture premium quality Wedge Wire Sieve Bend Screens.


  • Wedge Wire sieve bend screens can be custom made and designed for application in a wide range of industries. Used to separate solids from liquids, the curved screen of a sieve bend provides greater capacity than flat wedge screens due to increased gravitational forces on material flowing against the curve. Sieve bend screens are also known as side hill screens, parabolic screens, run down screens, gravity screens and DSM screens.
  • At Gujarat Wedge Wire Screens Ltd. our high quality sieve bend screens consist of a concave curved profile wire screen mounted in a frame with the screen openings either perpendicular or parallel to the flow. We can supply both complete Wedge Wire sieve bend units and replacement Wedge Wire sieve bend screens to suit your existing unit.
  • For special applications, we can offer wedge wire screens made from Stainless Steel (201, 202,304,304L, 316,316L) duplex & super duplex stainless steels.
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