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To ensure correct fixing of a Pro-SLOT® wedge wire screen basket (which works dynamically as a part of vibrating sifters) to the frame of the sifter and extend its lifespan, a special strengthening must be designed, which depends on the load and a given frame. The baskets for every type of drainer or centrifuge are available. Optionally, a centrifuge basket with abrasion-resisting coating (hardened surface of the screen) may be prepared.

Similar to the�wedge wire screen cylinder�and�wedge wire screen tube, the�wedge wire screen basket�is also manufactured from Looped & Welded. Wedge wire screen basket has a narrow top and a wide bottom, which is suitable for various centrifuge machines.

Wedge wire screen basket is a very important component of centrifugal liners. The wedge wire screen basket commonly has flange on the bottom or top. It is connected to the machine by bolt and nuts. Sometimes, there are flanges on both the top and bottom of the wedge wire screen basket.

The frame of wedge wire screen basket can be stainless steel, which is same to the wedge wire screen. It can also be carbon steel or painted steel sheet. The color of painted steel frame can be customized according to your requirements.

Specifications of wedge wire screen basket

Material:�SS AISI 201, 202, 304, 304L, 316, 316L.

Slot size:�0.05 mm - 10 mm.

Profile wire:� 2.30, 2.50, 2.80, 3.0, 3.20, 3.50, 4.0, 4.50, 5.0mm.

Support rod: 5mm � 12mm�.

Basket diameter:�100mm � 2000mm.

Basket height:�100mm � 2000mm.

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Centrifuge Basket

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