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Wedge wire filters, also called wedge wire filter screens, wedge wire candle filters, are installed on the filter equipment to achieve particles and liquid filtration. And the fineness can achieve 50 microns.

Wedge Wire Filters - Filters above 50 Micron Particles from Liquids

The wedge wire filters are made of triangle or wedge wire surface profiles with continuous slots which supply large open area for filtration.

The top of the wedge wire filters are commonly thread for easy installation onto equipment and the bottom may be flat or taper for sealing and block particles from passing through. And it is also used for fixation and position.


  • Materials: SS 304, SS 316.
  • Maximum differential pressure: 300 psi.
  • Maximum temperature: Synthetic seals 500 oF / NPT 1500 oF.
  • Length: 10", 20", 30", 40" and customized types
  • Connection type: threads.
  • Bottom type: flat or taper.


  • High temperature and pressure resistance capacity.
  • Can filtration 20 micron particles.
  • Wide ranges of sizes and end types.
  • Large open areas for high filtration efficiency.
  • Non-clogging and plugging performance.
  • Stainless steel materials for long service life.
  • Easy cleaned and low maintenance.


  • The wedge wire filters are used in primary filters with large difference of flow and pressure in various water treatment fields, including Boiler water, petrochemical water, paper water, ship ballast water.
  • The wedge wire candle filters can be used as pre-coated candles wedge wire screen (vertical filtration elements, beer candles) for the clarification Kieselguhr alluvial filters /Candle Precoat Filters of beer.
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