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GUJARAT WEDGE WIRE SCREENS has developed run down screens (D.S.M. type) complete with box and curved wedge wire screens to suit particular requirements of the customer in Sugar, Paper and Pulp, Water treatment and Chemical industry

A no-moving part unit that cascades solid laden slurry downs a wedge wire screen to separate solids from liquids. The slurry is pumped or gravity fed into the unit’s top chamber, flows over a full width weir and cascades down the curved screens surface. The liquid passes through the screens voids into a collection chamber below. Solid particles larger than the screens void size stay on the surface, and as this accumulating mass increases in weight/volume, gently slides down the screens surface, compacted and further dewatered as it travels down. At the bottom discharge chute, the solids simply drop off or in some applications, go for further dewatering by a drum or screw press unit. The static screen version has it screen rigidly fixed in position whereas the other, more efficient unit, has its screen mounted to enable a small motor to vibrate it.

Options Available

  • Screen slot (Aperture) sizes: 0.05mm to 10mm
  • Material of Construction: SS AISI 430, 201, 202, 304, 304L, 316, 316L.
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Run Down Screen Run Down Screen
Run Down Screen

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