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Rotary Drum Screens - Effective in High Pressure Working Conditions

Rotary drum wire screen, also called wedge wire cylinder, is a type of cylindrical "V" shape wedge wire screen, which is made of stainless steel V shaped wires and support rods. As the wedge wire rotary drum screen is working under high pressure when separation and filtration, so there is reinforced rods on the structure.

The end of rotary drum wire screen is welded flanges or welded rings for easy installation.

The slot sizes and structures may varies according to different materials and working conditions.

Working principle

The drum rotary screen is installed on the roller screen machine. Drive the internal blades by motor to compress the filtration subjects and separate the particles and liquid with rotary drum wire screen (wedge wire screen). Click for detailed working principle of rotary drum screen in water treatment.


Common Specifications and Data Sheet of Rotary Drum Wire Screens
Material SS 304, SS 316
OD (mm) according to request and actual flange and reinforced bars
ID (mm) 176 mm, 200 mm, 230 mm, 255 mm and customized sizes
Length (mm) 600 mm, 602 mm or customized sizes
Slot Size (mm) 0.21 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.41 mm, 0.8 mm. Customized 0.02-3.00 mm
Slot Direction radial direction
End Types flange or metal rings
Wedge Wire Sizes (mm) 0.75 × 1.5 1 × 2 2 × 3 2 × 4 3 × 5
Support Rod Sizes (mm) 1.5 × 2.52 × 3 1.5 × 2.52 × 3 2 × 32 × 43 × 53 × 6 2 × 43 × 53 × 65 × 6 3 × 53 × 65 × 6


  • Continuous slot openings significantly increase the open area and filtration efficiency.
  • V-shaped wire structures reduces clogging and ensures an uninterrupted flowing and working.
  • Supply back washing performance for high working efficiency.
  • Reinforced rods can bear high pressure during high speed rotary working condition.
  • Stainless steel material reduces corrosion and rust and make it durable and reliable.
  • Flange or metal ring ends make them easy to install onto the
  • It is features smooth surface and high filtering efficiency as well as self-cleaning and clogging resistance.


  • Poultry, meat and seafood processing
  • Fruit and vegetables processing
  • Snack and frozen food processing
  • Brewing and wine making processing
  • Chemical processing
  • Municipal waste water treatment plant
  • Industrial waste water treatment plant
  • Tanning industrial processing
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Rotary Drum Screens

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